Nolan Collaborative edits Nick Cave's "Drive By" for Times Square

By Nolan Collaborative |


Videos are the most preferred way to consume content today, but with billions of videos out there, the scene is pretty competitive. To win over an audience you may have a brilliant idea and script for an advertisement, short film, or lecture, however, your video quality also needs to be at par to pack a powerful punch.

To make an impact, you need the services of creative video editors and producers who understand your ideas and can execute them brilliantly. At Nolan Collaborative, we are passionate about innovative editing and believe that a collaborative approach can optimize a production. We are also flexible because this is your production and we want it to include all the things you’ve envisioned. However, if you have no idea how to get your vision across, we’ll help you figure it out with the right services based on your budget and needs like we did for our client, the very talented artist Nick Cave.

Recently we edited a video for the artist Nick Cave, that aired on the Times Square monitors in New York for the month of December 2018. It took over the monitors at midnight every night and played on 70% of the screens for everyone in Times Square.

The video is an art film highlighting Nick Cave’s art. All the editing, design, and compositing was done by Jeff Nolan, the founder, and editor of Nolan Collaborative. This creative visual was on display for all of New York City to indulge in beautiful, colorful eye candy as they walked through Times Square during the holiday season.

Nick’s art was a refreshing sight and a welcome break from the endless commercials playing on the monitors in Times Square. It allowed the public to revel in fresh inspiration and bright ideas, which is what we aim to share through our creative skills.

If you’re looking to spread some inspiration in the same manner, or share knowledge, or the benefits of your products and services through the perfect video, reach out to the production experts at Nolan Collaborative. We serve clients in Chicago and Illinois, Los Angeles, New York, and the surrounding areas to create amazing video content. We work as creative allies on your projects and operate seamlessly with other artists to bring your ideas to life.

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