Creative Editorial

We’re masters of all types of moving digital content. Whether you want us to be creative problem solvers; evocative storytellers, or your creative-vision materializers; we’ll make it happen, getting involved to whatever extent makes most sense. We’ve created hundreds of TV spots, and you’ve seen them. We’ve charted vast territories of the world wide web with pre-roll videos and branded content. We’ve supported nonprofits in making the world a less hopeless and bleak place. We’ve had our hands in award-winning independent films, genre-bending experimental artworks and groundbreaking video installations with top artists. We do it all, and we do it awesomely.

Online Finishing

We have everything you need to get your piece ready for broadcast, web, presentations or cinema. We’re equipped with a full-service online finishing room and technical mastery in Autodesk Smoke, Premiere, Final Cut Pro and After-Effects. Also, we’re hopeless perfectionists with a great wine selection.

Collaborative Post Production

We’ll make you the perfect cut of your video, and find the optimal ingredients for your project as a whole. We work with some fine folks in production, graphics, audio and color and will put together a team as well as we do an artisinal cocktail* We’ll capitalize on our strong relationships with other vendors to make sure the price is right and the product is perfect. 

When it’s a project we can do it better than anyone else, we also do color, graphics and production in-house. 

New-era filmmaking

We also build authentic, contemporary, compelling videos from scratch, and we make them awesome. We have a unique way that we concept, shoot, edit, design and finish beautiful pieces of branded content, mini-documentary, narrative short, or experimental artwork. Talk to us about your ideas or your needs and let’s see if we’re the right fit to make it a reality. We have big ideas. We know all the rules. We’re not afraid to break them.