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We love biking, collaboration, and really nice people, so we teamed up with some people that share those passions. Bike buddies is an organization that pairs new riders with experienced cyclists to gain more confidence riding in the city streets. The program is free of charge and completely volunteer run. 

Nolan Collaborative, produced, concepted, shot, edited and color corrected this piece. 

Running chicken

Running Chicken

Client: Artizone

Agency: Tom Dick and Harry

An extremely free-range chicken hurries through Chicago streets to make a timely delivery. 

fine and available

This is something we made in our free time. We’re all mad here. 



drive by promo

Client: Nick Cave Art

Nick Cave’s soundsuits are sculptural forms based on the scale of the body, creating a unique audiovisual experience. 



Client: Rotary International

Agency: Shafer Condon Carter

A campaign featuring Bill Gates, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and many others committed to abolishing Polio. 

What do you see?

Client: Chicago Architecture Foundation

We showed off the awesome artwork created by audiences waiting in line at Open House Chicago. 

Cut Through it all

Client: Maxcut

Agency: 426 inc

A gritty spot showing off the power of the revolutionary Diamond Cutting Chains.