Nolan Collaborative is Jeff Nolan's brain child and is a company that leans into the talents of Chicago filmmakers.  The company changes form based on the needs of any particular job.  We keep the overhead low and focus on "putting the money on the screen".

Jeff nolan


Jeff Nolan is the principal, lead editor and interior designer of Nolan Collaborative. After working at Avenue Edit for 10 years, Jeff started this company with the passion for innovative editing and a strong belief that a collaborative approach to post production was the optimal way to make amazing video content. Jeff is a wine connoseur, guitar hero and loving father of two amazing kids. Contact him at to talk shop or talk wine.



Lucas Siebel is our online artist, assistant creative editor and general technical mastermind. He honed his talents with a degree in post-production at Columbia College, where he became a master of 1s and 0s. Lucas has edited, colored and done graphics on many music videos and short films. He is a competitive cyclocross rider, granola-making master and expert discoverer of new music. Contact him at for information about the company or bike repair advice.