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Jeff Nolan is the owner & editor of Nolan Collaborative. After working at Avenue Edit for 10 years, Jeff started Nolan Collaborative with the passion for innovative editing and a strong belief that a collaborative approach to post production was the optimal way to make amazing video content. Jeff is a beer connoisseur, huge music fan, guitar player and cyclist. Contact him at


The process is as streamlined as a huge full-service post houses, but with more agility, deeper personal connections, and better coffee. Whether or not you stay in house for color, audio and graphics, we’ll manage your schedules and budgets seamlessly. With that out of the way, you can focus on things like being brilliant, playing darts in our office, and pondering the deeper purpose of things.


In whatever flavor of awesome you are into. In the wild (mid)west of the digital age, editorial and production techniques have blown up into more innovative forms and new aesthetic possibilities. We incorporate experimental techniques and cutting edge technology while staying true to your message, brand and goals. So you'll love the finished product. Unless you have the very worst taste, and in that case you just might hate it.

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We work and play well with others. We’ll be your creative allies, get totally obsessed with your project and make something you fall madly in love with. We’ll work seamlessly with other artists to make the best product possible. Nothing fuels our work more than strong relationships and deep creative interplay. Except maybe craft beer, if it’s exceptionally good.


Chicago has a lot of brilliant, cool, and delightfully insane people. Most of them work in this industry, which makes this all pretty fun. We want to find the perfect artist for every stage of the process. Sometimes that’s one of us. Sometimes it’s someone else. That’s cool. All we care about is what makes the best work. We’ll help you figure it out the right team based on your budget and needs, and we’ll see it through to its inevitably glorious end.

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People tell us that a lot, which makes us happy.